Certification Services

FECYT has developed a tool for validation and aggregation of statistical data repositories as part of RECOLECTA. FECYT facilitates RECOLECTA-STATISTICS criteria for repositories that comply with certain requirements to ensure optimum quality of visits and downloads. These criteria are based on Knowledge Exchange (KE) Usage Statistics guidelines.
The KE Usage Statistics establish the OAI-PMH standard (version 2.0) for the harvesting and transmission of standard metadata sets in OpenURL Context Objects (CTXO) format. In order to provide statistics of visits and downloads the records are deposited in RECOLECTA repositories, FECYT gathers the CTXO metadata by facilitating harvesting URL repositories and may be different from that used by metadata harvesting in the Dublin Core.

Whichever repository that complies with this standard, may be harvested by the central server FECYT. Statistics Central Storage is based on OAS Service Provider  software and developed according to the KE Usage Statistics. This is the system from which the harvesting and treatment of visits and downloads are done.

The repositories develop their statistics provider and FECYT provides the harvesting, filtering and aggregating data into the central storage of statistics.

The answers to requests made through the harvesting URL must be by files with structured format (XML format) with the following considerations:

  • It is compulsory to use UTF-8 encoding with Unicode characters. If there is a character that was not in UTF-8, this would cause an error in the syntax of the response that would make it impossible to process the content.
  • It is recommended to use the OAI-PMH URL for the statistic service of the repository, that is not susceptible to modification. It is recommended that a generic URL, one that does not include references to where you are nor includes information of your ports.