COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories): it groups together and represents 90 institutions from all over the world (Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America). Its mission is to improve visibility and achieve broader application of the results from research via global Open Access digital repository networks.

The confederation is governed by four strategic principles:

  • To promote the development of a global and sustainable network of Open Access repositories as key to the development of the international scientific information infrastructure, including social science and humanities, in support of excellence in research and education.
  • Provide support to the OA repository community through international cooperation and the exchange of information.
  • Define and promote infrastructure interoperability, standards and policies.
  • Stimulate the development of and added value services in the repositories.

COAR is currently running three work groups:

  • WG1: Repository content
  • WG2: Repository interoperability
  • WG3: Support structures for repository networks and training for repository managers.

FECYT is a member of COAR and uses RECOLECTA to communicate the information it regularly receives from the Confederation.

COAR has developed a Membership Benefits Statement that outlines the advantages of becoming a COAR member and participating in the global repository community. It is also possible to read the Interest Groups at-a-glance document that outlines some of COAR's activities in more detail.