MEDOANET (Mediterranean Open Access Network): is a project of the Seventh Framework Programme which addresses the necessity for coordinated strategies and policies in Open Access to scientific information in Europe. It enhances existing policies, strategies and structures for Open Access and contributes towards the implementation of new ones in six Mediterranean countries: Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. MedOANet promotes national and regional coordination of policies, strategies and structures in these countries. 

Six Mediterranean countries (Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey) comprise this open access network to define and establish common strategies for monitoring open access policies. These countries are joined by Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom within the consortium to strengthen, expand and systematically develop the activities carried out by the network of Mediterranean partners.

The project seeks to:

  • Strengthen and coordinate current Open Access strategies, structures and policies in each one of the six Mediterranean countries.
  • Identify the Open Access strategies, structures and policies in the six Mediterranean countries.
  • Encourage participation by the various parties interested in Open Access to foster action in this regard.
  • Define directives for decision-makers by fostering the effective implementation of the recommendations on Open Access to scientific information made by the European Commission.

FECYT is the Spanish partner in the project, which aims to assist in the coordination of the main open access policies; promoting the policies in Spain and interacting with other partners, from the Mediterranean region, which also participate in the project