The Spring 2017 Membership Meeting of euroCRIS

The Spring 2017 Membership Meeting of euroCRIS

29/05/2017 - 08:00 to 31/05/2017 - 18:00

The Spring 2017 Membership Meeting of euroCRIS, 29th-31st of May 2017 in Dublin.

The CRIS-domain is a very dynamic one, continuously in motion. Since their start  more than two decades ago, as merely adminstrative reporting systems, a lot has happened and CRISs, in reaction to the rapid developments in the research information domain,  have undergone a substantial transformation towards mutlifunctional information systems, significantly expanding in scope and rendering a variety of services to a growing group of stakeholders. Given this ongoing dynamics of CRIS systems it is good to, once every couple of years, come together to make up an inventory and share information on the state of the art and the developments going on regarding CRISs within the international research information community. The euroCRIS Membership Meeting in Dublin is meant to present such an occasion and is therefore both an opportunity for and an invitation to the international CRIS-community to report on developments going on within their respective countries, institutions  or disciplnes. So please feel encouraged to send in your proposals for presentation.

Location Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland.

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