Services to repositories


The Law 14/2011, of June 1st, Science, Technology and Innovation, in Article 37, point the legal obligation that binds researchers with open access dissemination of their research funded with public funds. It establishes that Public agents of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation will drive the development of repositories open access to the publications of its research staff, and establish systems to connect with similar initiatives nationally and internationally. It also stablishes that the Government provide centralized access to repositories and their connection with similar national and international initiatives. Also, Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, that regulates official PhD training programmes, states that an electronic copy of every doctoral thesis approved in any Spanish university should be deposited into an open access institutional repository.

In Spain there is an important set of infrastructures that allow researchers to archive their work in open access: institutional repositories, thematic repositories, research open journals and research open journals portals. Among these, institutional repositories play a central role for the proper implementation of the National OA public policy.

RECOLECTA is an open platform that gathers all the national scientific repositories together in one place and guarantees that all OA repositories are interoperable among them. The services that RECOLECTA offers to National open access repositories are:

  • Validator: The RECOLECTA validator allows every repository to self-scan, as often as they like, their compliance level with national and international interoperability guidelines relating to metadata formats and OAI-PMH protocol operation. It also facilitates a clear identification of records with errors. Those repositories that do not comply with RECOLECTA-DRIVER interoperability guidelines are taken out of RECOLECTA. Thus, a common quality standard is guaranteed for the National open access repositories community.
  • Harvester: RECOLECTA harvests - on a weekly basis - metadata records of those scientific open access repositories that are compliant with the RECOLECTA-DRIVER interoperability guidelines and that request their inclusion in the RECOLECTA platform. For doing so, RECOLECTA uses the OAI-PMH address of their data provider.
  • Search engine: RECOLECTA provides direct and free access to the entire Spanish scientific production deposited in open repositories through a single interface.
  • Statistics of visits and downloads: RECOLECTA gathers statistics of visits and downloads from each repository. Them these statistics are cleaned, filtered and added together for providing traffic data and potential impact measures for the scientific papers available on open access.
  • Dissemination activities: News spread, organization of activities and helpdesk support through 

To conclude, RECOLECTA plays a key role to allow a proper implementation of the national open access to science policy. It promotes and coordinates the national infrastructure of Open Access digital scientific repositories in an interoperable manner based on the standards adopted by the global community.