Steps to Follow


4th STEP

The statistics of the collected resources that make use of collection services RECOLECTA statistics can be viewed here.


3rd STEP

If your resource is suitable you can ask to be harvested. RECOLECTA managers will check if the resource accomplishes the STEP 0 and if it has successfully completed the STEP 1 before can be viewed it.


2nd STEP

Access to RECOLECTA Validation & Harvester Tool.

You must access by login

Then you must proceed with the resource VALIDATION

Validation should be done with the URL statistics harvesting (which may be the same or different than for harvesting publications dublin core metadata) and metadata format CTXO.


1st STEP

The resource must accomplish standarized quality criteria (RECOLECTA-STATISTIC CRITERIA) so that records can be located.


Repositories must have a set of statistics in OpenURL Context Objects (CTXO) format.

FECYT offers repositories a development based in the OAS Service Provider software and developed under the umbrella of the Knowledge Exchange KE. This development serves as a starting point and should be adapted for each repository. Its aim is to significantly reduce the costs of implementation (Client OAS for statistics).

FECYT has developed a manual which specifies how managers repository supports every solution we propose.

FECYT collects CTXO metadata through URL harvesting provided by the repositories and can be different to that used for collecting metadata in Dublin Core.