Steps to Follow


5th STEP

With RECOLECTA Validation & Harvester Tool you can validate the full resource, or only some the sets, as many times as you want. You can also check previous validation reports.


4th STEP

Resources harvested can be located thought the SEARCH


3rd STEP

If your resource is suitable you can ask to be harvested. RECOLECTA managers will check if the resource accomplishes the STEP 0 and if it has successfully completed the STEP 1 before HARVEST it.


2nd STEP

Access to RECOLECTA Validation & Harvester Tool.

You must register or access by login (it you are already registered)



For security reasons, in the system only can be registered the Repository Manager. It will be probed via OAI-PMH.

Then you must proceed with the resource VALIDATION


1st STEP

The resource must accomplish standarized quality criteria (RECOLECTA-DRIVER CRITERIA) so that records can be located.


Resource involved in these categories:

- Institutional repository
- Thematic repository
- Journal portal
- OA Journal owned by an institution without institutional repository and it cannot be collected in any of the other categories.