What is it?



RECOLECTA or Recolector de Ciencia Abierta [Open Science Harvester] is a platform that gathers all the national scientific repositories together in one place and provides services to repository managers, researchers and decision-makers.

RECOLECTA is the result of the collaboration since 2007 between the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the Network of Spanish University Libraries (REBIUN) run by the Conference of Vice-Chancellors of Spanish Universities (CRUE). Their work is aimed at creating a nationwide infrastructure of Open Access scientific repositories.



To promote and coordinate the national infrastructure of Open Access digital scientific repositories in an interoperable manner based on the standards adopted by the global community. To foster, support and facilitate the adoption of Open Access policies by all researchers from R&D centres and universities, the main producers of scientific knowledge in Spain. To give greater visibility, and both domestic and international application of the results from research carried out in Spain.



The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) is a public foundation managed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competition that, by applying the principles of rationalisation, transparency and efficiency, endeavours: to develop instruments of social participation in support of science; to be a suitable tool for the spread of science and the growth of scientific culture; to become the channel for communication with the Spanish scientific community overseas; and to become the benchmark of Spanish R&D+I metrics. FECYT also supports the scientific information and resource management structures, especially in regard to the subscription of licences for access to major international scientific databases.